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Free Shipping on orders over $150. In-store pick-up available Downtown and in Oak Bay.
Free Shipping on orders over $150. In-store pick-up available Downtown and in Oak Bay.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are your store hours?

Please check our Google listings for our most up-to-date hours. Please note, we now have two locations. Click here for our downtown location. Click here for our Oak Bay location.

When will my online order be ready for pick-up?

You will receive an email when your order has been packed and is ready to pick-up at one of our brick and mortars.

How do I know when my special order has arrived and I can pick it up?

We will give you a call as soon as we receive your special order.

How will I know when my order ships?

When your order begins its journey, you will receive an email notification containing a tracking link.

Will tax be charged to my order?

No taxes will be applied to American orders. The following tax rates will be charged to the following provinces:

British Columbia - 12% (5% GST and 7% PST will be applied to all orders)

Alberta - 5%

Manitoba - 5%

New Brunswick - 13%

Newfoundland and Labrador - 13%

Northwest Territories - 5%

Nova Scotia - 15%

Nunavut - 5%

Ontario - 13%

Quebec - 5%

Prince Edward Island - 14%

Saskatchewan - 5%

Yukon - 5%

Please note we are not responsible for any duties or customs charges incurred on your order.

Why are your prices in Canadian Dollars?

Violette is a Canadian based company so our prices are reflected in CAD. If you are shopping from the US, your purchase will be completed in Canadian Dollars, but you will see the US equivalent charged to your credit card. For pricing in USD please estimate by using this handy currency converter.

What is your return policy?

We hope you love the items you purchase from Violette, but if not, we are here to help! See more detailed information on returns here.

Do you sell online gift cards?

Yes! To purchase a gift card for use at please click here.

Unfortunately, Violette Gift Cards purchased at our brick and mortar location are not redeemable online and can only be used in our brick and mortar location. If you would like to purchase a Violette gift card to be used in store, but aren’t currently in Victoria, please contact us.

Is my credit card information protected?

Absolutely! All transactions are secure and encrypted and we do not share or store any payment information provided to us.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Apple Pay.

Do you offer gift-wrap?

We don't offer gift-wrap. However, your item will arrive in a Violette box and may also include a storage pouch courtesy of one of our designers.

How do I care for my jewelry?

Here are some great general rules for jewelry care:

- Never wear your jewelry in water. This includes the bath, shower, swimming pool and ocean. Solid gold jewelry is the only jewelry that can tolerate water, but we always recommend caution.

- To avoid tangles and tarnish store your jewelry in a small zip-lock bag or the pouch provided with your order.

- Metals and stones can chemically react with perfume, hair products, and lotions so please avoid contact with beauty products.

- Avoid excessive wear and handling and never sleep in your jewelry.

Here are some more detailed tips:

Brass and Bronze

Some of our pieces are made from raw brass and bronze or a combination of the two. When left raw these metals have the tendency to naturally patina and age over time. We love this about brass, and feel it gives each piece character, but if you prefer to keep your piece in its original bright gold form, store in an airtight container or use a gentle brass/ bronze cleanser or polish when needed to bring it back to it's bright state.


When worn regularly, silver usually keeps it bright state. If kept on a dresser for long periods of time unworn (depending on the climate you live in) it can tarnish. You can easily rid your silver jewelry of tarnish with a simple polish, but we recommend wearing your jewelry often to naturally prevent this. If your silver is taking a break, the best place to store your silver jewels is in a small sealed plastic bag to slow the process of oxidation.

Solid Gold

Solid gold jewelry is entirely made of gold. The karatage indicates the percentage of pure gold alloyed with other metals. 24k gold is the purest form of gold, but it is too soft on its own for jewelry, and would not be durable enough to withstand wear, let alone hold its shape. It's common to see 18k, 14k and 10k solid gold jewelry. Solid gold jewelry can be cared for with a soft cloth, warm water and dish soap. It's well known that solid gold can tolerate water quite well, but it's important to note that other products/chemicals it's exposed in this process can affect its shine overtime. Just like we all need a little self care sometimes, solid gold may need the occasional clean/polish to keep its shine, but it will never flake or wear away, as it is solid gold.

Gold Fill

Gold fill is made from solid gold, which is 'filled' with other alloys. A thicker layer of solid gold is bonded to a base metal like silver. Unlike gold plate, it will not flake, and the surface will not turn your fingers green like brass can, and it's more resilient than gold plated jewelry. The finish and surface of gold fill has the same properties of solid gold, but gold fill can still wear away overtime. Please care for your gold fill pieces just as you would any gold piece of jewelry. Gently polish by hand with a clean cloth.

Gold /Silver Plate and Gold Vermeil

Gold or Silver Plated and Gold Vermeil items require more delicate upkeep and maintenance. Preventative care is the best way to avoid any problems. Avoid excessive wear and handling as sweat and dirt can cause plating to wear away. To clean your plated jewelry gently wipe with a slightly damp cloth and dry carefully with a soft towel. Never use any chemical cleaners on plated jewelry.

Why do the stones in the jewelry I ordered look different from the picture online?

Keep in mind that semi-precious stones are natural creatures and no two are alike. All the stones used in the jewelry sold on are carefully hand selected by our designers with attention and care. Some stones will have natural flaws or inclusions - this is what makes them unique and special! However, if you're concerned about the quality of your stones, just let us know.

What if my jewelry breaks?

Please treat your jewels like the 'petit choux' they are. Not all styles of jewelry are meant for 24/7 wear. Please take your jewelry-wearing habits/needs into consideration when making your purchase. If you are ever unsure about the sparkle expectancy of the jewels on your wishlist, call us or visit us in person. Our sales associates are happy to answer any questions you may have.

With that being said, Violette is not responsible for any damaged caused to an item due to over-wear or an action on the part of the person wearing it. However, we would be happy to assist with any other difficulties. If you have a concern about your purchase from Violette, please contact us and we will advise on how to proceed. Please do not ship your item back to Violette without authorization, as we cannot accept it.

Do you have a brick and mortar location?

Yes! We have two brick and mortars where you can find our selection of jewelry and other little luxuries. Our primary shop is settled in the charming downtown core of Victoria, British Columbia Canada. We also just opened a second location in Oak Bay Village. Feel free to contact us at our retail shops.

Can I return or exchange an item purchased on at one of your brick and mortar locations?

Yes! Please contact us if you wish to do a return.

I’m a designer and would like to submit my work to your buyer, whom do I contact?

We are always excited to see new collections and add to our roster of talented designers and brands. If you would like to submit your designs please email your look-book or line-sheets and wholesale information to info@violetteboutique attention: Erin.

Who is Violette?

Originally named Violette Veldor, our shop was named after a French perfume of the same name. Now known as Violette Boutique, our shop has taken on a persona of her own as a sparkly, Parisian bon vivant with a fondness for little luxuries. Violette is a french word pronounced "Vee-oh-let".

I would like to work for Violette, whom do I contact?

If you’re interested in becoming a Violette “Gem” we’d love to hear from you! Please contact us to enquire about possible job openings.

Still have more questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.