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Free Shipping on orders over $150. In-store pick-up available Downtown and in Oak Bay.
Free Shipping on orders over $150. In-store pick-up available Downtown and in Oak Bay.
Gifts for Those who Guide Us

Gifts for Those who Guide Us

With Mother's Day around the corner, we wanted to share a comprehensive gift guide to help you if you're shopping for someone special. 

This individual may be a mother, friend, sister, grandmother, aunt or cousin. No matter who they are, it feels wonderful to show love and appreciation to those who've been there through thick and thin.

Small and Thoughtful

If you're looking for something on the affordable end, candles are always a lovely gift to receive. Check out our selection of botanical candles here. They also make a great addition to a bouquet of flowers and a cute card.

For flowers, we love shopping at Zingaro, Rook and Rose and Boxwood Flower Farm. All three places make lovely arrangements and bouquets to warm one's heart.

Although, it you want to take it one step further, we carry a number of jewelry pieces under $65. Our current favourites in this price range are the Tiny Twist Huggies, the Simone Studs and the Demi Bubble Necklace (pictured below).

A Little Something Special

If you're looking for jewelry, we recommend sticking with a piece you know they already wear. By this we mean, if they tend to wear earrings a lot, pick out a lovely new pair! Our favourite go-to pieces right now are the Joan Hoops (pictured below), the 10K Singapore Chain Bracelet and the Alight Necklace.

We understand more than ever that picking something out for someone you care about can be tricky; even when you know them well. Luckily we have our two-week store exchange policy, so there's no need to fret if a jewelry piece just isn't the right fit.

Meaningful and Timeless

One of the most sentimental things about purchasing jewelry for someone is that there are certain pieces that can carry significant meaning.

Our favourite jewelry brand for meaningful gifts is Pyrrha. Their various talisman necklaces and bracelets are a perfect way to translate your feelings for someone into a lovely gesture. We want to highlight the Mother Bear Talisman Necklace, My Delight Talisman Necklace, Watch Over Me Talisman Necklace and the Selflessness Talisman Necklace.


Gold is Forever

If you're looking to gift a piece of jewelry that will last the test of time, solid gold should be your go-to. We know solid gold can be a bit of an investment, but these pieces last so long they can become family heirlooms. Gold-fill is also a wonderful middle ground as the gold will last longer than a typical gold-plated piece.

Here are a few of our favourite solid gold pieces as of late: the 14K Flat Drawn Cable Bracelet, the 10K Heart Studs, 10K Prosecco Ring and the Petite Keshi Pearl Ring (pictured below).

I hope that our guide has given you a little inspiration! We look forward to helping you find the right gift in-store or online.

Don't forget to grab a card on your way out of the shop!


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