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Free Shipping on orders over $150. In-store pick-up available Downtown and in Oak Bay.
Free Shipping on orders over $150. In-store pick-up available Downtown and in Oak Bay.
Violette Boutique: The Story Behind The Store

Violette Boutique: The Story Behind The Store

It all started with Lea and Erin — Violette’s mother-daughter founders. Inspired by the chic, cosmopolitan shops they discovered on the Isle Saint Louis during a trip to Paris — and having identified a missing piece in Victoria’s shopping scene — the duo decided to bring a little slice of Paris back home. After months of hard work and a lot of white paint, Violette opened its doors on Government Street in October 2005. 

With a team of smart and effervescent staff members by their side, Lea and Erin set out to share with the city of Victoria a selection of beautiful accessories made predominantly by emerging female Canadian designers. From the start, Violette has represented beauty for all budgets and styles. 

Co-founders laughing in the window of Violette Boutique on Lower Johnson Street

Having launched an ecommerce site in 2014 and moving locations not once but twiceViolette has continued to evolve with its customers and the ever changing retail landscape.

Through all the highs and lows that come along with owning and operating a small business while raising a family, the duo has gained more than a little wisdom and a lot of perspective. 

When asked what it’s like running a mother-daughter business Erin shares, “truthfully, it’s the best. We can be completely honest with each other. All ideas and concerns are met with truth—sometimes that’s hard but in the end we’re family and nothing can break that bond. We’re also a lot alike.”

Now you can find Violette nestled in Victoria’s quaint downtown core amongst all the independently owned businesses on Lower Johnson Street. Erin and Lea continue to select each and every gem that enters the shop from your favourite designers, with the same mission to empower emerging and established female-run jewelry companies. Alongside all the designers in the shop you’ll find our newest addition—Violette Studio.                                                                                                 
The Boutique’s very own in-house jewelry line launched in the summer of 2021 with the aim of providing foundational pieces for each customer's jewelry collection. Consisting of both fine and semi-fine jewelry, the vision remains the same: offering objects and accessories to emphasize beauty for every budget.
Explore Violette Studio today. 
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