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Free Shipping on orders over $150. In-store pick-up available Downtown and in Oak Bay.
Free Shipping on orders over $150. In-store pick-up available Downtown and in Oak Bay.
Local Artist Spotlight: Taryn Brown

Local Artist Spotlight: Taryn Brown

​​Local artist Taryn Brown uses rich sensual mediums in her artwork with the aim of taking you to a place beyond reality where your dreams are bliss and abundant. 

We partnered with Taryn to display one of her most recent works entitled ‘Dos Reinas,’ which is now available to view and purchase at Violette Boutique.

Taryn Brown's Dos Reinas with black porcelain and gold leaf details on a birch panel

We sat down with the artist herself to learn more about her process as well as the significance of jewelry as it pertains to her art.  

Jewelry plays an important role in some of your work — what does it represent for you? 

Three solid gold chain layers by Leah Alexandra Jewelry and Violette Studio

To me it represents luxury and status in my work, like the jewelry that ancient queens and goddesses would wear in our first civilizations. Throughout history we have used gold as a symbol of power and importance and we still have not evolved beyond these status symbols. Maybe we never will. Why are we drawn to jewelry and hierarchy? It's so innate that we don't question it. It's not just something pretty we put on; the symbolism is intrinsically linked to our psyche. And damn it looks good. 

 What role does jewelry play in your life?

I have been obsessed with jewelry my whole life! The women in my world growing up were serious collectors; I mean I’ve inherited so many beautiful vintage and antique pieces that I almost need a storage unit! I have several sets that I don't even wear because of their age and delicacy. But I collect too and I'm sure my daughters will inherit this obsession also.  

Taryn Brown Art

You work in a few different mediums. Do you have a favourite? 

That's like choosing a favourite child lol! I love them all for different reasons but mostly because I can't do the same thing over and over again; I need the uncertainty of discovery which is why my work is in constant evolution. 

Do you ever hit creative roadblocks? How do you overcome them? 

Literally never. My problem is that my ideas keep me up at night and I never have enough time to explore them all. I sketch constantly to brain dump them but they still build up and drive me to distraction.  

As a kid I was labeled an 'airhead' because I was constantly analyzing the world around me and in my head too much. As a teenager I got better at hiding this but I feel like all artists are in their head most of the time and should just embrace it whenever they can. Being present is only possible if we've had plenty of processing time.  

Taryn Brown with Dos Reinas porcelain and gold leaf on birch panel

Now that we're able to travel, what's the next destination you'll choose and why? 

Over the winter holidays my family and I will be heading somewhere tropical to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. You'll be seeing my husband for sure for a new piece! 

Where do you find inspiration?  

I'm really drawn to the work of Zaha Hadid and Iris Vanherpen and how they contrast and complement each other; one being a minimalist and the other a maximalist. They are fierce femmes that I idolize and I'm sad that the world lost Zaha too early; what a visionary. On a basic level they create corrugation and have inspired me to create my own stories through pleating, folding, ridging and furrowing.  

What's your favourite piece of jewelry from Violette that you own? What pieces are you coveting? 

Pyrrha Selflessness Talisman in 14k yellow gold

I never take off my gold Pyrrha Selflessness amulet on a solid gold chain. My husband gave it to me for our 10 year anniversary. I love the meaning behind it as a mother and a wife. My family treats me like a queen so I'm blessed to give them my all.  

What's your favourite way to unwind/method of self-care?  

 Beaujolais & baths. I also run and do a lot of yoga to reset. 

This or that

Taryn Brown Dos Reinas porcelain and gold leaf on birch panel

 Gold or silver?

Gold forever.  

Statement jewels or delicate adornments? 

Both at the same time. 

Studs or hoops? 

Both at the same time. And navel rings too.  

Vintage inspired or modern? 


Diamonds or pearls? 


Please inquire with any questions about Taryn Brown's Dos Reinas.

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