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Free shipping on orders over $150 within Canada. Quick local delivery available for Victoria residents.
Free shipping on orders over $150 within Canada. Quick local delivery available for Victoria residents.

Permanent Jewelry

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What is Permanent Jewelry?

Permanent jewelry is a piece of jewelry welded together instead of being attached with a clasp. The process starts with your choice of solid gold chain measured and cut to fit your wrist to your liking. Both ends of the chain are linked onto a small jump ring, which is then welded together, creating a piece of permanent jewelry to fit you perfectly. The welded bracelet stays on as long as you want. Without the hassle of a clasp, you can wear your bracelet seamlessly day in, and day out without having to remove it.

If at any time you decide you'd prefer to add a clasp to your permanent bracelet, come see us in-store and we'd be happy to assist you. We also offer custom-cut bracelets, anklets and necklaces with the same chain options below if you'd prefer to attach a clasp from the get-go.

Looking for custom-cut options with a clasp? Click here to shop now.

Why permanent jewelry?

Permanent jewelry is the perfect way to celebrate a friendship, relationship, special occasion or milestone. Think of permanent jewelry as the ultimate friendship bracelet! Or, adorn yourself in honour of self-love, and enjoy the ease of having jewelry that you never need to worry about removing at the end of the day.

What We Offer

We focus our expertise on permanent bracelets. After extensive research, we concluded anklets and necklaces are not ideal for permanent wear. With more range of motion, an anklet would be subjected to more friction throughout the day, especially with socks and shoes. As for necklaces, we think they should always be removable. We only want to offer products that we know will wear perfectly!

We have seven different chain styles available, all solid 10K yellow gold, ranging in price from $115 to $265. Chain styles are subject to availability. If you are hoping for a specific chain style, please call us before your visit! You can also scroll down to the chain options below, which we try our best to update with an "out of stock" note if one of our options is momentarily sold out.


We are currently offering permanent jewelry appointments from Tuesday to Saturday, weekly. Walk-ins are always welcome, but they are subject to availability. Reserving your spot is the best way to guarantee we will be ready to accommodate you. Please note that one appointment can accommodate one person. If you are coming in with others, please book one appointment per person to make sure we have enough time to accommodate each person!                                                                                                                                                                                               
We now offer Golden Hour after-hours bookings for groups of four or more. When booking an after-hours event with us, automatically get 15% off permanent jewelry and a complimentary bottle of bubbly. Looking for more information? Click here for our events page.

Important Things to Note

We currently offer our permanent jewelry services for those 10 years and older. An adult must accompany minors under 15. Prices do not include tax, and payment is taken on the spot. Please note we cannot re-weld permanent jewelry purchased from other brands. 

Custom Cut with a Clasp

You can now get any of the 10K solid gold chains below custom-cut and made into a bracelet, anklet or necklace with a clasp! Click here to order yours now. Unsure of your perfect fit? Visit us in-store to get custom-fitted by one of our Violette Gems. 

Chain Pricing