Abacus Row
Abacus Row was created and launched by Christine Trac in fall 2012 in San Francisco, where the collection is made today. Christine has an aesthetic for rich materials and simple composition, and a strong appreciation for detail in design and craftsmanship. A background in ethnographic research and environmental conservation shapes Christine's direction on design and process. She is focused on designing jewelry that emphasizes the beauty of small details and timeless styles, and is inspired by a process of production that celebrates craft and community.

Alexis Bittar
Alexis Bittar is described as “one of the greatest jewelry designers of the 21st century”, and we could not agree more! From selling his jewelry on the streets of New York City to retailing his eponymous collection in more than 34 countries around the world, Bittar has become a global jewelry and lifestyle brand associated with cutting edge fashion, luxury, and quality.  His designs fall into three distinct collections – Miss Havisham, Elements, and Lucite.  Each is comprised of different aesthetics, materials and techniques, which illustrate his versatility and talent as a designer.  With celebrity clients, features in top fashion magazines, and countless awards, this Bronx-native has built an incredible reputation as a top designer and fashion icon.

Banquet Atelier & Workshop
Banquet Atelier & Workshop is a Vancouver-based design studio engaged in the creation of quality goods that celebrate the natural world and the animals that inhabit it. Partners Sara Edmonds and Tammy Lawrence share an eye for bold, playful imagery that showcases the beauty and uniqueness of the subject, and each piece shares a careful attention to detail that remains constant throughout their collections. Edmonds and Lawrence offer a range of products including limited edition art prints, stationary, and temporary tattoos. From model ships to vintage quilts, the inspiration behind their whimsical designs never ceases to amaze.

Birds of a Feather & Lisbeth Jewelry
Designer Sophie Alden created the Lisbeth Jewelry line out of her passion for design and her desire to create pieces that were missing from her personal wardrobe. Hand-made in Toronto, Canada, Lisbeth Jewelry is a collection of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets featuring top-quality materials like 14K gold fill, sterling silver, and semi-precious stones. Combining fashion forward elements and understated modern glamour, Lisbeth evokes a simple yet sophisticated air. Lisbeth has an edgy little sister named Birds of a Feather. Launched as an affordable companion to Alden’s Lisbeth line, Birds of a Feather evokes a more geometric, contemporary aesthetic, crafted out of silver-plate and brass components. Both collections are hand-crafted by Alden in Toronto.

Butter London
“Rock & Roll, Great Britain and Fashion” – those are the three words that Sasha Muir, Butter London founder, describes as the inspiration behind this fantastic line of nail polish.  Dedicated to producing high-fashion colours without compromise, no carcinogenic ingredients like formaldehyde, toluene, DBP phthalates or parabens are added to any of their products.  With the help of Nonie Crème, London’s premier fashion manicurist, Sasha successfully built the company into an influential nail lacquer brand and one of the most sought-after beauty products in the world. 

Designed in their Amsterdam atelier, CLUSE watches display the sophistication and beauty of simplicity. Each watch is produced under the discretion of specialized watchmakers with attention and care to the materials and design, ensuring both quality and style. CLUSE is not only there to indicate time, but to define your best moments and bring out the best in your personal aesthetic. These timepieces appeal to the stylish, confident woman in all of us.

Darling Magazine
Our favourite quarterly publication isn’t just a magazine, it’s a movement. Challenging the notions of unattainable beauty and cultural “ideals” of womanhood, the Los Angeles-based Darling is a guidebook to lead you through the seasons of the year and your life. Existing to encourage and empower women with a voice of love and encouragement, Darling presents the art of being a woman.

Dogeared Jewelry
Born on the beautiful beaches of Southern California in 1991, founder Marcia Maizel-Clarke created a jewelry line that blends the beautiful with the meaningful. Her belief that jewels should speak sparked the creative journey now known as Dogeared. The brand is more than a jewelry line, as it embraces the stories, happy moments, and milestones that celebrate, connect, and inspire us. Living the philosophy that what goes around comes around, each Dogeared piece is handcrafted in Venice Beach, while working in partnership with nonprofit organizations.

Ferme á Papier
Ferme à Papier, or Farm to Paper, is an illustrated paper goods line by designer Cat Seto. Run from her studio in San Francisco, each Ferme product is inspired by her experiences in Europe and her background in creative writing and fine arts. From birthday cards to art prints, each Ferme à Papier product displays a unique and delightful creativity.

French Girl Organics
Committed to providing the most healthful, organic, and indulgent skincare products possible, French Girl Organics is a Seattle-based family business that has developed a series of original recipes used by the family for over 20 years. Inspired by their years of travel in France, each recipe uses only pure and natural ingredients sourced from their Urban Farmstead in Seattle and other farmer friends around the world. All French Girl Organics products are handmade, organic, wildcrafted, and never tested on animals.


Husband and wife team Gorjana and Griffin Reidel established their accessories line in 2006 with an emphasis on the blend of beach casual and city chic. Each piece of their jewellery is hand-made in their studio in Laguna Beach, California using environmentally friendly processes. Designed to be a blend of East Coast and West Coast aesthetics, the Reidels are committed to designing functional, unique jewellery for a variety of personal styles.


Hailey Gerrits Designs
“Spending hours sifting through markets and warehouses for antique chains and vintage materials, Vancouver-based designer Hailey Gerrits has formed a unique and beautiful jewelry line based around repurposed components from all over the world. Gerrits has combined hand-cut semi-precious stones, century-old chains, and distinctive antique crystals into a stunning cohesive collection that has a versatile, contemporary aesthetic. Every piece is imagined, designed, and created in her studio in beautiful Vancouver, BC. 

Hart + Stone
Hart + Stone is a handcrafted jewellery line designed and produced on Saltspring Island, BC. Designer Emily Hartwell McPhee is greatly influenced by her beautiful west coast surroundings, letting the natural beauty of the materials shine in her work. Each individual piece is made with excellent attention to quality and detail, using mainly natural semi-precious stones, 14K gold fill, and sterling silver in a minimalist, geometric aesthetic. For the lover of simplistic beauty, and one who opts for quality over quantity, Hart + Stone is for you.

Idlewild Co.
Founded by Brooklyn native Katie Gastley in 2010, Idlewild Co. brings a breathe of fresh air to the world of paper goods. Driven by a passion for unique, artisanal, quality products, each piece of Idlewild stationary and wall art is handmade in their studio in sunny Florida. Displaying a distinctly fun, graphic aesthetic, their prints, cards, and calendars make the perfect gifts for yourself or a friend.

Founded in 2010, Illesteva glasses combine classic styles with contemporary aesthetics, using materials like acetate and titanium in their designs. Handmade in France and Italy alongside the world’s premiere eyewear brands, Illesteva draws inspiration from the worlds of fashion, music, and photography. Designer duo Daniel Silberman and Jus Ske infuse their collections with a contemporary edge that has garnered fashion-forward clients like Alexa Chung, Kate Bosworth, and Beyonce.

Ink Meets Paper
Husband and wife team Daniel and Allison Nadeau are the creative force behind Ink Meets Paper, a stationary brand that believes in the power of handwritten words. Using a traditional letterpress method, Ink Meets Paper designs are handcrafted in their design studio in sunny South Carolina. Each product they produce supports their belief in fostering the art of handwritten correspondence in today’s modern world.

Janessa Leone
Janessa Leone is an eponymous label based out of Los Angeles. Taking cues from a time when people saw their sartorial choices as a reflection of themselves, the Janessa Leone brand evokes a time when women’s confidence was conveyed through the contrast between sharp tailoring and exaggerated feminine beauty. Each hat is made carefully by hand, a product of years of labor and skill fueled by a dedication to craftsmanship.  Her hats are designed specifically to ripen with each wear, aging to become a celebrated part of your timeless collection.

Kinfolk Magazine
Hailing from the creative community of Portland, Oregon, Kinfolk Magazine is a quarterly publication that demonstrates the beauty of living simply and cultivating relationships with those who inspire you. Within its pages are features on casually entertaining guests, beautiful recipes, and various ideas on making and doing inspiring things that appeal to an audience of creative professionals. Since its inception in 2011, Kinfolk has become the leading independent lifestyle magazine and produces international editions all over the globe.

Kobo Candles
Kobo Candles founder Junko Kobori left her native Japan and travelled the world before settling in Saratoga Springs, NY. Inspired by the many beautiful scents in each unique environment she visited on her journey, she designed a series of candles for those who are passionate about memorable scents. Each Kobo candle is pure soy wax and comes in beautiful packaging, making the perfect gift for anyone on your list.

La Vie Parisienne
Parisienne designer Catherine Popesco discovered a collection of antique French jewellery molds and stampings in factories and workshops throughout Paris. Thus, the La Vie Parisienne line was born. These treasures of French artistic heritage have been revived through her collection of pieces that are rendered from the original molds, giving the line a distinct vintage aesthetic and an air of romantic whimsy.

Leah Alexandra Designs 
Vancouver-based designer Leah Alexandra’s journey to creating a beautiful, unique line of jewellery started with love of the water and trips to the  sandy shores of Cape Cod. With a Bachelor’s in Design from Ryerson University and training under a local Vancouver goldsmith, Leah Alexandra established a line of jewellery that reflects her oceanside surroundings and presents a timeless, versatile aesthetic that compliments any woman’s style. Leah sets her carefully selected gemstones in Sterling Silver, 14K Gold Fill, and 24K Gold Vermeil, allowing the natural beauty of the materials to shine bright.



Linnea’s Lights
After experimenting with candle-making as a hobby, Lynn Manley and her daughter Laura Cler co-founded Linnea’s Lights, a line of hand-poured natural soy candles designed in Indiana, USA. Committed to handcrafted, ecologically friendly, and high-quality products, each Linnea’s Lights candle combine soy wax, lead-free cotton wicks, pure essences, and fine fragrances to create a clean-burning, highly aromatic candle.

Loren Hope
Designer Loren Barham established the Loren Hope line as an evolving collection of upscale, contemporary jewellery with rich, saturated colours and a modern-vintage sensibility. Her materials range from Austrian crystals, to handpainted Czech glass, to vintage repurposed stones. Each piece is handcrafted in her studio in Rhode Island using traditional jewellery making techniques.

Marc Jacobs
NYC native Marc Jacobs began designing clothing at age 15 and established the Marc Jacobs label by 1986. Jacobs has since become an internationally celebrated icon in the fashion industry, winning numerous awards and expanding his collection to include a playful line of jewellery that takes inspiration from pop culture and everyday life. Using bright colours, whimsical designs, and different metallic tones, Marc Jacobs jewellery offers a fun alternative to more traditional designs.

Oh The Sweet Things
The handiwork of former Violette Gem Natasshia Neary, Oh The Sweet Things is a stationary line using her delicate, beautiful illustrations and calligraphy. Through every stroke of ink on paper, she aspires to create authentic and tangible stories that speak truth and come from the heart. All of her prints, calendars, and cards celebrate the beauty of simplicity and incorporate romantic and thoughtful details.

Poppy Finch
Amanda He, founder of Poppy Finch fine jewelry, believes that beauty is in the details. Her designs are contemporary, with a delicacy and elegance that transcend time. Carefully considering balance and proportion, adding fresh updates to classic designs, and crafting with precious materials like 14 karat gold and gemstones, it is everyday luxury made for the modern woman. Each piece is carefully inspected and all materials are sourced through the highest quality metalsmiths and gem suppliers to ensure that your Poppy Finch pieces will become future heirlooms.


Primecut Bags
Handmade in Portland, Oregon, Primecut Bags encompass a sense of individuality that can only be found in nature. Using one-of-a-kind hides ranging from rich blacks, creamy whites, and heather brindles, no two bags will ever be alike. Each Primecut bag meets the highest standards in materials and aesthetics, perfectly blending form and functionality.




Pyrrha Design
After coming across a dusty box of 19th century wax seals at an estate sale, designer duo and husband and wife team Danielle and Wade Papin arrived at the heart and soul of their jewellery design company. Casting jewellery from antique seals spoke to their interest in imperfection and their desire to create something unique and meaningful in an industry saturated with mass-produced designs. Each piece of iconic Pyrrha jewellery is made from reclaimed sterling silver, bronze, or 14k gold and is accompanied by a card explaining the imagery and sentiment behind it.

Rebecca Minkoff
An industry leader in accessible luxury handbags and accessories, Rebecca Minkoff’s modern and subtly edgy aesthetic can be spotted around the globe. Using Italian leather and custom-designed hardware, her handbags carry a distinct signature look that sets her apart from her peers. Rebecca Minkoff’s jewellery and accessories embody the same trademark edge, earning this New York-based designer many awards and accolades for her distinct, quality work.

Rifle Paper Co.
Founded and owned by husband and wife team Anna and Nathan bond, Rifle Paper Co. began as a small business based out of their garage and has since grown into an international stationery and gift brand. Based out of Winter Park, Florida, all products are assembled by hand in the USA using high-quality materials and environmentally responsible techniques. Anna and Nathan hope that their products can inspire others to share life’s moments with each other.

An Oregon native with small-town roots, designer Marisa Howard draws inspiration from the natural beauty of the Oregon coast for the colours and textures of her designs. Made by hand in Portland, each piece of Seaworthy jewelry uses in-house made or locally-sourced materials. Featuring a unique aesthetic inspired by architecture and patterned textiles, Seaworthy makes an effortless, beautiful statement.

Sugar Paper
Sugar Paper founders Chelsea Shukov and Jamie Grobecker believe that personal stationery makes a deep, lasting impression. With a background in graphic design, they founded a brand based on the traditional technique of letterpress printing and careful attention to detail. Their chic, social stationery has been featured in various design and fashion publications and is celebrated for its unique aesthetic.

Three Corners Artisan
Designer Aleena Webber of Three Corners Artisan takes pride in using Canadian clay and hand-making each piece of pottery in her Vancouver, BC studio. Each piece is meant to be a part of everyday life, whether it becomes a part of your nightly ritual on your bedside table, or overhears the gossip at an afternoon tea party in the kitchen. With beautiful soft glazes and hints of gold-leaf, Three Corners dishes are functional works of art that beautify any living space.

Tiro Tiro
With 15 years of jewellery making experience and an interest in traditional craft practices, designer Teresa Robinson developed a line of handcrafted pieces designed for everyday use and enjoyment. Tiro Tiro embraces the methods of improvisation and experimentation, resulting in a collection of pieces that showcase the materials and unique metalsmithing techniques used in the crafting process. Each piece of Tiro Tiro jewellery is handmade in Portland, Oregon.

Tocca Beauty
Tocca Beauty is a sophisticated and modern label, renowned worldwide for its distinctive range of scents and beauty products. Its perfumers develop scents reminiscent of bygone times and familiar places, yet infused with the unexpected, creating something fresh and new. Each one exudes a feminine air that is meant to evoke a sense of mystery and delight.

Treat Collection
Berlin-based nail polish line Treat Collection presents a glamourous collection of shades that are ‘5 free’ of the top five chemicals commonly found in nail products. Their colours range from pretty pastels to rich, intense tones that exude a sense of Hollywood glamour. Sophisticated yet modern, Treat polish is classic with a touch of attitude.

Trouvé Magazine
French for ‘to find’, Trouvé Magazine is a bi-annual publication that celebrates the creative lifestyle and those who live it. Their pages document the passion and hard-work required for creative pursuits, including helpful tips and and inspiration along the way. Each issue has a unique theme built around a combination of interviews, dynamic photography, and short essays.

The creative duo behind Vale Jewelry are twin sisters Ava and Eva Bai, New-York based artisans with a passion for taking the standard of jewellery making to a higher level. Working primarily with solid 14K gold and precious stones, they hand-craft pieces that present both a modern and vintage appeal. With post-graduate training in gemology and metallurgy and a shared interest in hands-on art, the Bai sisters have established a line that epitomizes sophistication, glamour, and versatility.

Designer and humanitarian Sara Panton partnered with her brother Sean to create a line of aromatherapy products that use only high-grade essential oils, sourced from over seventeen countries around the world. With a passion for health care and a love of design, Sara and Sean developed Vitruvi as a product that is both functional and beautiful. All Vitruvi products are created in Vancouver, B.C. and bottled in environmentally friendly packaging.