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Free shipping on orders over $150 within Canada. Quick local delivery available for Victoria residents.
The Ultimate Hoop Guide - Gold Edition

The Ultimate Hoop Guide - Gold Edition

Have you been stuck in the loop, searching for the ultimate hoops? You can breathe a sigh of relief because, we got’chu! 

Browse through our hoop guide, organized by price, and may luck bestow upon you your ultimate hoops!

Olivia Hoops

The Olivia Hoops are definitely an all‑time favourite of many, near and far. What sets these hoops apart is their simple yet sleek design glides seamlessly into a slightly wider width, before tapering back in⚡️.

18K gold vermeil over sterling silver, these hoops are classic and affordable. Win, win! 🏆

Mini Robbie Hoops

The Mini Robbie Hoops are subtle yet stunning. The simplicity of these hoops makes them a minimalist’s dream 💭. Although, who said you couldn’t pair them with a good time 🙌✨

14K gold fill, these humble hoops are a steal 💸

Sprinkle Hoops Gold

Adorn your ears with sparkling gold dots, because why not? The Sprinkle Hoops catch the light so effortlessly☀️, putting confetti to shame 🎊.

Let these hoops work their magic on you; we promise you won’t regret it! The Sprinkle Hoops want your ears to party too 🎈.

Sprinkle your ears with 14K gold fill.

Liana Hoops Gold 10mm

Looking to add a little twist to your life? The Liana Hoops got you covered all bases. With these textured hoops, you won’t want to miss out on any party 🎉 , even if it’s just a party of one 👤❣️.

All the glitz and glam without the major responsibility ✨. 14K gold fill made to last past midnight 🦉, available in two sizes.

Sherman Hoops

Clean lines and modern design all wrapped up into a pair of hoops. Sleek and elegant yet undefined in style, meaning indefinite styling choices 🪞✨.

Something about the Sherman Hoops inspire it’s wearers to become more than meets the eye 👁.

18K gold vermeil set to save you and your wallet from too much damage 👛.

10K Small Katie Hoops

Don’t sleep on these dainty solid gold sleeper hoops 💤. Some say the 10K Katie Hoops make all the minimalists swoon. Uber thin and sleek, an ultimate classic and necessity for all hoop lovers👌.

10K solid gold to last a lifetime and maybe more 🎁. Smallest of three sizes.

Margo Mini Hoops

It’s nice to have things come full circle. In fact, that’s exactly what the Margo Mini Hoops are here for; they’re here to close the gap (the gap between your hoops and the back of your ear lobes that is👂).

Even though they may seem small, they are mighty. They complete an outfit in seconds, while also guaranteeing you have the best seat in the house (because, with the Margos, you’re first class babe! ✈️ ).

The Margo Minis are the smallest of two sizes. Gold vermeil over sterling silver.

Croissant Hoops

I’ll take two please 🥐🥐. The Croissant Hoops giving you all that fluffy‑goodness in gold‑form. While we can’t guarantee these hoops will be better than pastries…we can ensure you will reach for these just as much you would for the real thing in France 🇫🇷.

In 14K gold vermeil, these hoops are more than a temptation 🤤.

Helen Hoops

Equal parts refined and versatile, Helen is here to have a good time, for a long time. The Helen Hoops are medium‑sized sleeper hoops with the fun addition of a dangling coin pearl 🐚. The pearl is removable so you get two ✌️ styles in one☝️.

14K gold fill with freshwater pearls, giving you the glow‑up you deserve 🤍✨.

Petite Hailey Hoops Gold

Once you get your hands on these gold hoops, you wont need to buy another pair! Effortlessly chic, with just the right shape, the Petite Hailey Hoops are ready to take you out, day or night ☀️🌙.

The seamless curves in this piece remind us of the gondolas in Venice 🛶 🌊.

14K gold fill, available in two sizes.

Essential Gold Hoops

These hoops are essentially everything you’ve been looking for. When it comes to hoop earrings, Nelly Furtado once said, “the bigger the better”. The Essential Hoops help you channel confidence and big hoop energy 😎.

Gold plated brass hoop, with gold plated sterling silver posts.

Pico Hoops Gold (10mm)

The 10mm Pico Hoops are sunshine in hoop form ☺️☀️. Never a cloud in the sky when you have golden rays of goodness hanging from your earlobes👂. Add your favourite pair of sunnies, and you’re good to go!

These cuties are the smallest of two sizes. Made of 14K gold fill.

1" Perfect Hoops

Are you looking for something bold and beautiful in hoop form? The 1" Perfect Hoops have been calling your name, didn’t you hear them?! 🤔

Even though looks can be deceiving, these hoops are lightweight, so you can keep them on all day long ☀️.

What are you waiting for?! Shimmy into these shimmery 14K gold plated hoops asap. The 1” are the smallest of four sizes.

Joan Hoops

The Joan Hoops are bound to draw you in with their heroine‑like gleam. Reminiscent of Joan of Arc, these hoops make their wearers feel as powerful as she was on the battlefield ⚔️.

Take on your #ootd goals with stride, and reign victorious with the Joan Hoops 🏆.

Gold vermeil over sterling silver.

10K Small Allora Hoops

Channel Goldilocks and discover the 10K Allora Hoops are justtt right! 🧸 💃 ⁠

Thicker than the Katie Hoops, but thinner than the Olivia Hoops; these hoops are the perfect inbetween ❤️⁠. The 10K Allora Hoops come in four sizes so you can truly find your perfect fit!

No need to steal someone else’s thunder when you got plenty of your own ⚡️.

These hoops are made to last with 10K solid gold 💪.

10K Small Paloma Hoops

The ultimate statement hoops that keep on giving. The 10K Paloma Hoops are known to give a little and a lot. Their surprisingly lightweight body is perfect for every day, or let them play the part of wing woman for any occasion 🥂. They’ll have your back!

With these golden gals, anything is possible 🤗

10K solid gold, available in four sizes.

Gold Oval Hoop Earrings

A pair of oval‑shaped hoops may not be what you picture when you think of classic gold hoops. But, let me tell you, they will be! Once you put these gorgeous goldies on 💫, you won’t want to take them off 🤩.

The Gold Oval Hoops are justtt right in every way possible. The thin, but sturdy design of these 14K solid gold hoops will last the test of time 🕰.

Small Twisted Gold Hoop Earrings

Don’t get it twisted! The Small Twisted Gold Hoop Earrings aren’t your average hoops; they’re more fabulous than that 🤩.

Get ready to fall head over heels with these decadent twists. But, don’t worry, there’s plenty of gold to go around 🌟. Buying these beauties will give you the ultimate gold rush 😉👑.

These twists are 14K solid gold. Only the best for you!

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