Jolene Candle

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Jolene Candle

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 Na Nin candles are hand-poured using soy wax and carefully infused with special blends of premium essential oils and fragrances. Each scent is meant to invoke a special feeling, memory, or favourite song.

Scent: Jolene, a spicy floral scent with hints of citrus and musk. Blended notes of black pepper, angelica root, mandarin, amber & rose. Inspired by listening to this Dolly Parton classic, while envisioning a beautiful heartbreaker who's always finding herself into trouble.

Na Nin candles are handmade by Kate Jennings in Richmond, Virginia.

  • 5.5 oz or 8 oz
  • Approx. 20-30 hour burn time
  • All natural soy-based wax
  • Custom wooden lid that can be repurposed as a coaster
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