Violette invites you to the Arm Party!


Arm Parties, it's an obsession all of the Violette ladies are guilty of. We just can't stop. Every morning we exchange Arm Party inspiration and the jewelry itself, recreating our favourite stacks and coveting new additions. 

What are Arm Parties? Coined by Fashion Blogger Leandra Medine, an Arm Party occurs when stacks (and we mean A LOT) of bracelets and bangles are piled on and worn simultaneously. The popularity of Arm Parties is contagious. The eye catching trend is the perfect excuse to show off every arm accessory you've every loved. Also extremely transitional from the beach to bridesmaids, copious amounts of arm candy works with any summer wardrobe.





No Arm Party is the same and we love the variety. Eclectic collections of stretch bracelets, charms, bangles and chains make every Arm Party as unique as the individual. It's a creative statement of colours, cuffs, and sparkle any jewelry fanatic can appreciate. There is personality behind every Arm Party.

Our recent shipment from Massachusetts based designer duo, "Sisco and Berluti", means our Arm Parties are gonna get just a little heavier. Oh well.

Sisters, Lisa Sisco and Carolyn Berluti began stringing bracelets for their families with no intentions of selling 'stacks' to celebrity socialites, like Halle Berry or Jessica Alba. Now, a highly sought after brand, Sisco and Berluti frequently donates to deserving charities and sells limited edition pre-assembled Arm Parties. Violette exclusively picked up the collection last Fall and now offers over 25 different strands of semi-precious stones, wooden beads, antique bone and Swarovski crystals. Finished with sparkly vermeil beads Sisco and Berluti bracelets effortless wear from day to night.

Fitting any wrist, Sisco and Berluti is the perfect addition to your ever growing collection. Below are Violette's steps to hosting a successful Arm Party.

Start with a base metal: Gold or Silver. Arm Parties are more cohesive if you don't mix metals, but really, you know, there's no wrong Arm Party.

Next, add a variety of dimensions to your Arm Party. We love cuffs stacked with bangles and a 1:2 (or 3, or 4, or 5!) ratio is perfect. The base metal you've chosen works best within bold accents or watches.

Then continue to add colours and textures to your Arm Party. This is where it gets a little out of control. Mix and match semi precious stones with pearls, silk bracelets with hammered bangles, Swarovski crystals with druzy cuffs. Anything goes!

Violette currently carries an array of Arm Party essentials. Lucite bangles from Alexis Bittar, semi precious "Socials" from Leah Alexandra, Pyrrha cuffs and the entire Sisco and Berluti collection. Arm Parties can be as affordable or chic as you want them to be. Stacked or solo, indulge your persona, they're kind of the best.


Love, Violette