Our second shipment of Irene Wood's History and Industry collection arrived this afternoon! The Violette girls have coveted the necklaces since the majority of our last shipment sold immediately. Heartbroken, we awaited Irene's Spring 2012 collection until now.

The collection was highly recommend to us by our good friend and fashion blogger Elisabeth Carr from Misson:Closet. Here is Elisabeth pictured wearing one of Irene's fabulous necklaces!

Irene Wood's dramatic and substantial necklaces are modern, colourful, lightweight and yet tasteful. History and Industry has reserved an extremely special place in the shop and in our hearts.

We recently interviewed Irene to gush over her Spring collection and had her indulge us with her worldly travels, inspirations, and the who she believes is the ideal History and Industry woman... you!

Constant travel and opportunities abroad submersed Irene Wood into an early expression of conceptual designs and architcual influences. She credits her father, a Seattle based historian, and his extensive teaching careers abroad with her fascination with the arts and art forms. Traveling with her father "resulted in a wide collection of porcelain, textile, paintings and jewelry". As a little girl, Irene expressed herself through paint and jewellery and admired the "world's aesthetic diversity".

History and Industry is the cultivation of Irene's early travel experiences and education. Although not a formally trained jeweller, Irene graduated with a Bachelors in Studio Art and focus on painting. She had "always obsessed over integrating colour, shape and form in many different mediums" and jewellery became her "longest standing craft, as it changes as she changes". History and Industry is now sold across North America, online and at Violette.

Within her collection are examples of the variety of textures, shapes and colours that stimulate Irene. Crafted from hand painted wooden beads and semi-precious stones, her necklaces are "inspired by the world’s antiquities and an obsession with historical artifacts and the translation of tradition into modernity", especially Greco-Roman, Egyptian and African royalty. Her collection's title, History and Industry, was developed from the idea "of combining history elements and industry elements when thinking about designing and creating a product". She is extensively influenced by "the design of objects that precede her yet applying her current interpretations into today's modern industry".

Bold geometric beads accented with soft and feminine colours showcase Irene's desire to achieve a wearable and artistic medium through History and Industry. Her necklaces are effortlessly worn dressed down or on a night out. Irene believes "her designs are aligned with a playful and confident woman who thinks outside the aesthetic box".

And Violette knows that that confident and playful woman is so obviously you.

For more information on History and Industry please visit Irene's website. She has also received press from 'Cool Hunting' and 'Daily Candy'.


Love, Violette