We've had an exhilarating past eight months at Violette - we relocated, expanded and opened a second companion store in Emporia.  

All of the Violette ladies would like to extend our thanks to all our friends & family for their continued support while we made this transition - it was ambitious but we did it! The special relationships and friends we've maintained over the past six years at Violette go beyond classic customer relations. The positivity and encouragement of our relocation has been overwhelming and the support of a locally owned and operated business like ours really flourishes under such fantastic feedback.

With all the Violette ladies dressed down and eager to help, the expansion (miraculously) only took one day! Our new Violette location is over twice the size of the original and we've been thrilled to fill the new space with eight exclusive designers to Victoria: Roost, Miguel Ases, Luxe Designs, Eddera, Tataborello, Rebecca Minkoff, Jago, and Des Petits Hauts. With several more new designer collections scheduled to arrive in the coming weeks, Violette now has the opportunity to properly showcase our favourite fashion accessories and a plethora of gorgeous jewels.

The new Violette storefront caught the attention of many lovely individuals this Holiday season and we've had the frequent pleasure of reintroducing ourselves to some of our favourite Victoria locals as well as regular customers we know and love from Vancouver, The United States and beyond!

As we summarize Violette's recent history, we'd also like to officially introduce everyone to our brand new companion store: Emporia located at 1223 Government Street. Inspired by New York City, Emporia is a conceptual lifestyle store providing exclusive and beautiful provisions for home and life. Featuring everything from beauty products and books, to stationary and home decor accessories, Emporia will become your new not-so-guilty obsession.

The well rested Violette ladies look forward to another amazing year and would love to catch up with you. How were your holidays? Valentines plans or perhaps an upcoming birthday? Please come in, stay warm, and spoil yourself.

Love, Violette